Jian-Jie International specializes in the field of metal casting products. Our products cover the industries of Rail road, automobile heavy equipment and mining. 

Based on the precept that no manufacturer is capable of providing all solutions to all requirements, Jian-Jie International has invested heavily, establishing strong working relationships and quality systems with our Chinese manufacturing bases. We have total 4 manufacturing bases, mainly produce the parts of steel and iron casting, forging, aluminum die casting and machining.  

According to international standard and the characteristic of the products, we apply the most suitable casting process, such as sand casting, shell casting, mould casting, lost pattern casting and sand-lined metal mole, etc, as well as casting material, such as gray iron, ductile iron, low alloy high strength steel and heat-resisting steel, etc. to achieve customers’ requirements. Jian-Jie International owns well-equipped physical and chemical lab in the factory to monitor and keep our products in good quality. Meanwhile, we also provide the service in the field of new material research, mould design, heat treatment, chemical analysis and mechanics test, etc.


We can provide support in person, or via internet conference calls, to work out the details for your flawless project implementation.

We not only have professional manufacturing base to provide technical and productive service, but also execute fluent logistic process with powerful capability of international trade practice. We have long-term agreement of cargo ownership with world-class freight Forwarder Company to ensure timely and priority of our boat reservation. All of these guarantee the delivery of products to our customers in time and safety.

Our mission is to draw on our extensive experience to provide a comprehensive and accountable service to our customers.