Jian-Jie International specializes in the field of metal casting products. Our products cover the industries of Rail road, automobile heavy equipment and mining. 

Based on the precept that no manufacturer is capable of providing all solutions to all requirements, Jian-Jie International has invested heavily, establishing strong working relationships and quality systems with our Chinese manufacturing bases. We have total 4 manufacturing bases, mainly produce the parts of steel and iron casting, forging, aluminum die casting and machining.  

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Casting Process

According to international standard and the characteristic of the products, we apply the most suitable casting process, such as sand casting, shell casting, mould casting, lost pattern casting and sand-lined metal mole.

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3D-Print Research


Whereas short prototype lead-time required by customers, we have been committed to improve rapid prototyping capacity by methods of 3D print, lost foaming and quick conventional pattern making to shorten the pattern/tooling lead time to meet the requirements. 3D Printed Wax Mold, Prototyping in 10 Days.

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Mechanical Plus Service

  • Detailed CAD and Drawings 
  • Material Selection
  • Manufacturing Process and Tooling Recommendations
  • Geometric Dimensions & Tolerancing (GD&T)
  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
  • Design for Assembly (DFA)
  • Tolerance Stack-up Analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Development of your PFMEA, Control Plan, DVP&R and PPAP packages